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Williamsburg Muster 2024
Feb 16-18
Williamsburg, VA

2024 Theme:
19th Century Warfare

Old Dominion Military Society Presents . . .

The theme for Williamsburg Muster 2024 is on 19th Century Warfare

Venue - February 16-18, 2024, the Old Dominion Military Society will host the Williamsburg Muster wargaming convention at the Williamsburg Clarion, in Williamsburg Virginia.

Admission - The full weekend admission for Williamsburg Muster will be $30. We will have reduced rates for early admission (online), and discounts for game masters.

Game masters - We want you to come and put on a game at our convention. Game Masters should register their event, and will get a discount on the registration fee.

Vendors - The convention will feature vendors selling wargaming hobby accessories, toy soldiers, games and other products. Interested vendors should contact the Marketplace Liaison.

Flea Market - We will have a free Flea Market at Williamsburg Muster 2024, on Sunday (Feb 19). Limited to space available, first come, first serve. Starts at 9:00am.

Hours - Open time for the convention is:
Thursday, February 15 - Vendor setup, and open gaming in the evening
Friday, February 16 - 9am until ??
Saturday, February 17 - 9am until ??
Sunday, February 18 - 9am until 5pm
Senior Staff - Members of the Old Dominion Military Society volunteer to organize and operate our conventions. If you have a question regarding any of the areas related to the convention, please don't hesitate to write them.
Convention Director - Jim Russell
Vendor Liaison - Justin Grabowski
Event Coordinator - Chuck Turnitsa