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One of the best reasons to go to wargames conventions is to see lots of great wargaming products and hobby materials. Whether it is the latest rulebook, line of miniatures or terrain items - shopping for hobby stuff is fun! Also, getting to see older painted armies for sale, as well as troops for trade is also a big part of our hobby. To that end, at Call to Arms, we have a great selection of Vendors, a Flea Market, and an Auction.

Call to Arms will not have a raffle. Instead we will have a silent auction. A number of items will be put on display on Friday evening, and there will be a public bid sheet for each item. You are welcome to bid on any items, but please be sure you will have the cash to back up your bid on Saturday night. Then, we will announce the top bidder for each item, and the winners are free to pay for their items.

If you would like to donate items for the Auction, please contact out Marketplace Liaison.

Flea Market
Call to Arms will have a usual Sunday morning flea market starting at 9:00am. Tables are free, but they are first come, first serve.

Call to Arms will welcome an assortment of outstanding hobby and wargaming vendors to our convention. We will publish a list of vendors, and weblinks to find out more about them, as it gets closer to the convention.

If you are interested in coming as a Vendor, please contact our Marketplace Liaison.

Call to Arms 2018
October 12-14, 2018
Williamsburg, Virginia

2018 Theme:
Warfare in the Middle Ages

Williamsburg Muster 2019
February15-17, 2019 Williamsburg, Virginia