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Club Information

ODMS is a wargaming club that seeks to wargaming and gaming, with a special focus on miniature gaming. We serve as a focus for miniature wargamers in Southeastern Virginia, where we organize weekly game meetups and also promote several special wargaming events through the year, and an number of annual conventions.

You do not need to be a member to game with us. Members, however, can serve as officers of the club, senior staff for events and conventions, and have voting privileges.

Our current club officers, and their current term of service, are listed below.

Club membership also gives members a benefit of a discounted admission to all our conventions.

Annual Elections will be held at the April Game Day & Annual General Meeting event. To be announced annually, in March, on Facebook and other social media.

2024 Ballot (which can be cast at the April 2024 Game Day) will have the following entries:
  • Vice President Nominees: Just Grabowski, Stephen Preston
  • Treasurer Nominee: Jim Russell
  • Board Members (2 to be elected): John Callahan, James Curtis, James Douglas, Justin Grabowski, Jeffrey Larock, Ben Marsh

Upcoming Events
Guns of August 2024
Aug 24-25, 2024

Williamsburg Muster 2025
Feb 14-16, 2025

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